Screen Printing Course

We open the Private Course Shirt Screen Printing class manually

10% Theory

90% Practice

Course Requirements at Our Place :

1. Physical health
2. Mentally ready
3. Agree with all existing regulations

Manual Shirt Screen Printing Course Material :

1. Introduction of manual shirt printing tools and materials "THEORY"
2. How to separate design colors spot color (using photoshop) "PRACTICE"
3. How to separate Vector design colors (using corel draw) "PRACTICE"
4. How to register the design that will be screened "PRACTICE"
5. The way Afdruk films screen printing "PRACTICE"
6. How to correct the right "PRACTICE"
7. How to use the Long Rail Table "PRACTICE"
8. How to use the Gas Curing Machine "PRACTICE"
9. How to Cut the Right Cloth "PRACTICE"
10.How to use the press machine "PRACTICE"
11.How to Wash a Former Screen Printing Screen "PRACTICE"

Kursus sablon kaos manual

Screen Printing Type Taught :

1. Vector Plastisol or Block Screen Printing
2. Screen Printing Spot color
3. Screen Printing Raster
4. Screen Printing Separation
5. Screen Printing Gradation
6. Screen Printing Discharge
7. Screen Printing Doff dan Glossy

Why You Need to Study in Our Place :

1. Sure Can Guarantee (must follow all existing procedures)
2. Forever Guidance (whenever you need help we are ready to help)
3. Lots of BONUS


1. How to create a Distro Pattern (Free Pattern File)
2. How to make a Long Rail Screen Printing Table (Free File Design)
3. How to make a Banting Board Screen Printing Table
4. How to make a Simple Afdruk Table
5. How To Promote So The Business Screen Printing Fast Develops

"Course Process"

The manual t-shirt screen printing course is done for 7 days, 7 hours / day

"Course Fees"

Registration fee for private courses at our place Rp 1.500.000

"Course Guarantee"

We will provide a sure guarantee if you follow all the procedures, but if you do not follow all the procedures, we will not provide any guarantee

"Sign up now"

Contact us Chat WA : 089 676 444 807

Frequently Asked Questions :

Can I definitely screen it? ?

Yes, we guarantee that you will be able to screen, if you follow all the procedures that exist during the learning process at our place

Are there facilities ?

Nothing, our place is not a hotel or tourist place, here is a place to study. if you want to stay at our place please, but sober

If in the future I experience problems with screen printing, will I be helped ?

Of course, we are ready to help you whenever you need, just contact us

If I cannot continue the course when the learning process takes place, what happens ?

We will not care, and the registration fee cannot be returned, we also will not help if in the future you contact us and ask for help regarding screen printing

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