T-Shirt Patterns

How to make Distro T-Shirt Patterns

How to Make a Shirt Pattern Distro using Coreldraw is very easy and can be done by anyone.
before our tutorial starts, it is important to know that each convection has a different size of shirt.
So please information from us is used as a reference only, for the size of your friend you can determine yourself according to what you want.

maybe there are some of you who don't know about the convenience of sewing yourself, okay here we will tell ^ _ ^
If you sew your shirt yourself, you can reduce production costs to be cheaper than if you buy a finished shirt.
Alternatively, if you don't have a sewing machine, you can look for sewing services for distribution, then you can cut your own cloth after you have printed it, you bring it to the tailor.
Now that's where you just pay the cost or the cost of sewing.

Pola Kaos Distro

Comparison of production costs as follows:

1. If you buy plain t-shirts, the price ranges from Rp. 30,000 to Rp. 34,000 depending on the seller.
2. If you sew yourself or use sewing services from someone else, the cost of a plain shirt is around Rp. 24,000 to Rp. 26,000
how about sob, pretty good hehehe

Here's how to make a distro t-shirt pattern:

1. Prepare a computer or laptop
2. Open Corelraw if you don't have it, please download it first
3. Create a new document size A1 Resolution 300
4. Then make a square box size X 23.118 cm Y Width 70.999 cm
5. Next, use the freehand tool to create a new line or object as shown below
6. After that, select the new object and square box object that we have created at the beginning then Trim out so that the box object is cut off by the new object
7. Make sure all new objects have been trimmed out with box objects to form a pattern

how easy is it, how to make a distro t-shirt pattern using CorelDraw ^ _ ^
this is the size of the S shirt that we usually use, if you want to make a smaller or larger size, just adjust it.
For the size of M, L, XL, etc., you can specify yourself, the same way.
Usually each shirt size has a difference of 2 cm, for example the size of an S shirt is 70 cm long, then the size of an M shirt is 72 cm long.
This t-shirt pattern can already be used for the front and rear, bro, so you can save material
If you have finished making your shirt pattern, you can immediately print and then paste the HVS print on thick cardboard and cut it into shape.
Actually there are many people who can't make a t-shirt pattern, take advantage of that opportunity, friend.
friends can sell t-shirt patterns online or offline ^ _ ^
Okay bro, now we continue to the Tutorial on How to Make a Distro Shirt Pattern in the Sleeve Shirt.

Here's how to make a shirt sleeve pattern :

Short Sleeve Pattern 1. Create a new object in the shape of a box with a size of Length X 24,338 cm Width Y 23,954 cm
2. Then create a new object using the freehand tool according to the existing size
3. Then please select all new objects with the object box then Trim out to form a pattern
If you apply it properly and correctly, you will get the appropriate results

Long Arm Pattern 1. Create box size objects Length X 21.506 cm Y Width 67.865 cm
2. Next create a new object using the Freehand tool
3. Then select all new objects with the object box then use Trim out to change or cut a box object with a new object.
4. If the steps are correct, you will get the appropriate results

Congratulations on working, friend
The shirt sleeve pattern above is the size S that we usually use to make shirts, if you have other sizes, please adjust it.
If you want to use your own size, make sure the size of the body pattern with the arm pattern must be suitable so that when stitched the results are neat and nice.
Hopefully our information about How to Make Distro Patterns is useful
Greetings ^ _ ^

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